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    Belmont Harbor(gate A) 2 West Belmont harbor Dr.(NW site of this locations) Chicago IL,60613


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    Discover the Answers To Your Yachting Questions

    See frequently asked questions. If you don’t have your answer here, do not hesitate to contact us!

    Where are we docked?

    We are located at Dock A Belmont Harbor.

    How do I hire a Captain?

    After booking, Chicago Motor Yacht will provide you the" Charter"
    with the confirmation e-mail that list of Captains for hire, that are
    vetted and familiar with our vessels.

    You may choose an Operator/Captain known to you or from the list provided. If you would like to provide your own qualified Captain please email us at
    prior, so that we may review their credentials and approve them prior to your charter.

    How much does the Captain cost?

    Typically $85-100 per hour before gratuity.
    Standard gratuity 15-20% (whole cost of the charter).

    Payment and gratuity are handled directly with your Captain.

    Is there parking available?

    Yes, Belmont Harbor offers public parking for rates.

    Can we bring our food and drinks?

    Yes, all guests are welcome to bring their own food and drinks.
    All boats provide refrigerator coolers (bring ice if needed).

    We suggest avoiding glass containers and staining liquids (like red wine).

    What amenities are included?

    Each yacht is equipped with a bluetooth sound system, restroom, small fridge and a cooler on board for guests to use.